Birra Stela

Birra stela



Birra Stela is a beer factory in Tirana, covering about 15-18% of beer consumption in Albanian market.

Birra Stela had previously used LPG in order to produce steam from its gas-fired boiler.

As we do with every potential client, we firstly visited the factory’s premises in order to gain thorough knowledge on Stela’s industrial processes, location specifics and steam requirements. After conducting the on-site survey, we tailored a solution designed to meet Stela’s steam demands where we covered everything from the right combustion technology, fuel deposit, to installation and maintenance plan etc.

STELA Beer changed its combustion technology from gas-fired boiler to a biomass-fired boiler in early 2019 with a capacity of 4 Ton steam/hour, and has since been using our product: dried crude olive cake as a solid bio-fuel in order to produce steam. Clients that switch from gas-fired boilers to biomass-fired boilers using dried crude olive cake, have reduced their thermic energy expenses by 30%.

STELA Beer is another successful project in the beer industry, showcasing that businesses requiring steam benefit from great financial savings by using dried crude olive cake as a solid fuel, instead of using fossil fuels. Dried crude olive cake is easily much more economically advantageous than LPG, which is the cheapest fossil fuel in Albania.

Furthermore, unlike fossil fuels, dried crude olive cake is a renewable source of energy.
By using dried crude olive cake instead of LPG, STELA Beer has prevented a net rise of 57 Ton CO2 emissions per month into the atmosphere!

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