biomass as solid fuel

economic advantage

The economic benefits as a result of using dried crude olive cake as solid fuel are numerous:

  • – High calorific value 4200 – 4500 kcal/kg
  • – More economically advantageous than the cheapest fuel in Albania: LPG, using the calorific value a business purchases as the common denominator.
  • – Suitable for businesses who require: hot air, hot water, steam, etc.
  • Secure annual production
  • No environmental taxes as solid biofuels
  • – The European Union has increased the share of the final energy consumption from renewable energy to 32% by year 2030. Thus member states are stimulated to provide incentives for the increase in use of renewable energy so they can meet EU targets.

Choose us, and watch your business grow more competitive by making significant financial and CO2 savings!

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