enviromental impact

Dried crude olive cake is one of the most environmentally friendly energy solutions, as explained below

  • – A renewable source of energy
  • Purely sustainable: It does not compound in the cutting of any trees; it is solely a by-product of the oil-extraction process of the harvested olive fruit.
  • Locally sourced product, thus stimulating agriculture
  • Carbon neutral, as per European Union and international legislation, meaning that biomass fuels do not contribute to the rise in GHG emissions, since the carbon dioxide emitted during biomass combustion, is removed from atmosphere when the vegetation grows back.
  • Fights Global warming and Climate change by replacing fossil fuels in the production of heat, steam, and hot water for commercial, industrial and agricultural use.
  • Regulates the olive byproduct market, since olive oil factories often dispose of the wet olive cake into water pathways or often let it to rot in the rain. This damages severely the aquatic life killing fish and other living things, as well damages the environment, since when left untreated the biomass emits gases that contribute to Global Warming; methane being the most aggressive one.
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